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Popular Attractions and Tourist Sites in Barbados

Harrison's Cave

Location: Allen View, St. Thomas


  • Explore stunning limestone caverns with stalactites and stalagmites
  • Tram tours through the cave system
  • Educational exhibits and interactive displays
  • Beautiful underground streams and waterfalls
  • Guided tours and visitor center amenities

Carlisle Bay

Location: Bridgetown, St. Michael


  • Pristine white sandy beaches and clear turquoise waters
  • Excellent snorkeling and diving opportunities with shipwrecks
  • Water sports including jet skiing and paddleboarding
  • Beachfront bars and restaurants
  • Family-friendly with calm waters and beach facilities

Animal Flower Cave

Location: North Point, St. Lucy


  • Explore sea caves with unique coral formations and sea anemones
  • Stunning views of the Atlantic Ocean from the cliffs
  • Guided tours and visitor center
  • On-site restaurant with panoramic views
  • Family-friendly attraction with safe walking paths

Barbados Wildlife Reserve

Location: Farley Hill, St. Peter


  • Walk through lush forest and see free-roaming animals
  • Green monkeys, tortoises, deer, and tropical birds
  • Educational displays and guided tours
  • Adjacent to Grenade Hall Forest and Signal Station
  • Picnic areas and rest facilities

Bathsheba Beach

Location: Bathsheba, St. Joseph


  • Rugged and picturesque beach known for its rock formations
  • Popular spot for surfing and photography
  • Natural pools for swimming and relaxing
  • Quaint village atmosphere with local eateries and shops
  • Scenic coastal walks and hiking trails

Regional Sights to Be Seen in Barbados

St. Nicholas Abbey

Location: Cherry Tree Hill, St. Peter


  • Historic plantation house and rum distillery
  • Beautiful gardens and landscaped grounds
  • Guided tours of the Great House and distillery
  • Rum tasting and purchase opportunities
  • Heritage railway offering scenic rides through the plantation

Hunte's Gardens

Location: Coffee Gully, St. Joseph


  • Enchanting tropical gardens created by horticulturist Anthony Hunte
  • Diverse collection of exotic plants and flowers
  • Relaxing pathways and seating areas to enjoy the natural beauty
  • Birdwatching and photography opportunities
  • Charming tea garden with refreshments

Andromeda Botanic Gardens

Location: Bathsheba, St. Joseph


  • Beautiful botanical garden with diverse plant species
  • Educational tours and self-guided walks
  • Stunning views of the east coast of Barbados
  • Gift shop with local crafts and souvenirs
  • Cafe offering light refreshments

Bridgetown and its Garrison

Location: Bridgetown, St. Michael


  • Historic sites including the Garrison Savannah and George Washington House
  • UNESCO World Heritage Site
  • Shopping and dining in the bustling city center
  • Visit the Parliament Buildings and National Heroes Square
  • Boat tours and water sports in the Careenage

Oistins Fish Fry

Location: Oistins, Christ Church


  • Lively weekly event featuring fresh seafood and local cuisine
  • Live music and entertainment
  • Crafts and souvenirs from local vendors
  • Family-friendly atmosphere with outdoor seating
  • Experience authentic Bajan culture and hospitality

Activities and Adventures in Barbados

Snorkeling and Diving


  • Explore coral reefs and marine life at popular spots like Carlisle Bay and Folkestone Marine Park
  • Dive tours to shipwrecks and underwater caves
  • Snorkeling excursions for all skill levels
  • Swim with sea turtles and tropical fish

Sailing and Boating


  • Catamaran cruises with snorkeling stops and beach picnics
  • Sunset cruises with spectacular views
  • Private boat charters for personalized experiences
  • Deep-sea fishing trips

Surfing and Water Sports


  • Surfing at renowned spots like Bathsheba and Soup Bowl
  • Kitesurfing and windsurfing along the east coast
  • Jet skiing, paddleboarding, and kayaking
  • Lessons and rentals available for all skill levels



  • Championship golf courses such as Sandy Lane and Royal Westmoreland
  • Beautifully landscaped greens and fairways
  • Golf lessons and clinics for all skill levels
  • Clubhouse facilities and dining options

Hiking and Nature Walks


  • Hiking trails through lush forests and coastal paths
  • Guided nature walks and eco-tours
  • Wildlife viewing and birdwatching
  • Scenic viewpoints and picnic areas

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